University of Glasgow's impact on economy revealed

Written by Tom Freeman on 18 January 2016 in News

New impact report reveals university sustains £1.5bn output and 15,000 jobs in Scotland

The University of Glasgow sustains more than £1.5bn of output and 15,000 jobs in Scotland, according to a new independent economic impact report commissioned by the institution.

‘Inspiring Economic Impact’ reveals around £900m of output and £500m of Gross Value Added can be attributed to the direct impact of the University, its students and international visitors.

The publication lies alongside the university’s new five-year strategy ‘Inspiring People, Changing the World’ which describes plans for a £775m redevelopment of the University’s Gilmorehill campus at the site of the old Western Infirmary.


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The documents were launched with the latest issue of Holyrood magazine.

University principal Professor Anton Muscatelli gave an exclusive interview to Holyrood.

“People sometimes think universities only affect their localities. But a university the size and influence of Glasgow actually impacts on jobs across Scotland,” he said.

Scottish Government protection of investment in higher education has had an economic impact on Scotland, Muscatelli told Holyrood.

“We develop skills, that’s important, and we develop talent, and that’s important for the individuals and the Scottish economy, but we also have that wider economic impact, and I think the recognition we are a dynamic sector in our own right is hugely important.”

For the full interview read the latest issue of Holyrood magazine.




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