Unite calls for new pay deal for all council workers in following teachers’ pay offer

Written by Jenni Davidson on 11 March 2019 in News

Unite is calling on COSLA to re-open discussions on a pay deal for council workers following the latest teachers’ pay offer

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Unite is calling on COSLA to re-open discussions on a pay deal for council workers following the latest teachers’ pay offer. 

From April 2019, teachers will get a seven per cent pay rise, on top of a three per cent pay rise backdated to April 2018, with another three per cent to come a year later, which equates to over 13 per cent by 2020. 

The trade union believes that all local authority workers should get a similar pay deal and has called for the reopening of negotiations. 

Unite members recently voted by 55 per cent to reject the latest pay offer from COSLA because it does not restore pay in real terms to what it was ten years ago.

The union was also unhappy that it did not include a ‘trigger clause’ for review if Brexit causes inflation to rise or offer a review of lower pay bands after three years. 

Wendy Dunsmore, Unite regional industrial officer, said: “Unite members rejected the most recent pay offer but it was imposed on our members.  

“However, the order did give a commitment by COSLA to re-open pay negotiations in specific circumstances including another local government bargaining group’s pay offer being greater.  

“Today, we are invoking this commitment and inviting our sister unions to join us to demand that parity is maintained following the teacher pay offer.  

“Unite members were disappointed that the local authorities offer did not address the real issues for workers such as Brexit and those workers who are paid below the Scottish living wage, and this new development now allows COSLA to make amends.”



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