Scottish Greens call for Scottish Government to take over running of devolved asylum seeker services

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 4 April 2016 in News

Patrick Harvie will use an election debate to call for a new approach to providing services for asylum seekers in Scotland

Patrick Harvie will use an election debate to call for a new approach to providing services for asylum seekers in Scotland.

The Scottish Greens will call for the Scottish Government to take over from private companies in providing devolved services for asylum seekers.

The Scottish Green co-convener argues that under current Home Office rules “we are forced to stand by while people are subjected to intolerable treatment in substandard housing, in our own communities”.


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Private contractors have managed Home Office contracts for asylum seeker accommodation in Scotland since 2012.

A Scottish Refugee Council report found that housing problems are having an adverse impact on asylum seekers in terms of their mental and physical health and ability to maintain social connections.

Harvie said: “If returned to Parliament, I will be calling on the Scottish Government to put together a bid to take over the direct provision of all devolved services for asylum seekers from the Home Office's private sector suppliers.

“Working with Scotland's social housing sector, charities, and indeed church communities we can provide the joined-up service that's needed.

“The expertise in delivering housing, health, education and social care exists here in Scotland, and we have the will to ensure that standards are high. Asylum seekers in our communities have been through too much already, and they shouldn't have to face abuse, degrading conditions or destitution in 21st century Scotland.”

The UK Home Affairs Committee announced plans for an inquiry into the provision of accommodation to asylum seekers in Glasgow earlier this month.




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