RISE favours local income tax as council tax replacement

Written by Tom Freeman on 26 February 2016 in News

Left-wing alliance publishes proposals for a ‘Scottish service tax’

The left-wing electoral alliance RISE has published proposals to replace the council tax with a local tax on income.

The group, which includes members of the Scottish Socialist Party and the Radical Independence movement, as well as independent MSP Jean Urquhart, claims approximately 77 per cent of Scottish households would see their annual local government tax bills fall under the proposed Scottish service tax.


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Glasgow candidate Cat Boyd said: "Under our plans the better off pay more and the poor pay less.

"The Scottish service tax would also raise an additional £300m for public services, with at least 77 per cent of all Scottish households be better off compared to now.”

Under the proposals the first £10,000 of a person’s income would be exempt. Income between £10,000 and £30,000 would be taxed at an additional 4.5 per cent; the next £10,000 taxed at 15 per cent; the next £10,000 at 18 per cent; the next £10,000 at 21 per cent.

Income over £100,000 per year would pay 23 per cent on top of their existing income tax.

All the main parties in Scotland have accepted the findings of a recent Commission which called for the end of the council tax.

The Scottish Government is due to announce its detailed plans on local taxation next week but Nicola Sturgeon has hinted councils may have property-based tax receipts boosted with some income tax revenue.


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