Michelle Mone brands SNP MP a ‘moron’ in Twitter row

Written by Tom Freeman and Liz Bates on 31 January 2018 in News

Scottish entrepreneur Michelle Mone launches tirade at Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald on twitter

House of Lords - PA

Conservative peer Michelle Mone has branded an SNP MP a "moron" after he rubbished her voting record in the House of Lords.

Glasgow South MP Stewart MacDonald accused bra tycoon Baroness Mone of only voting twice since being made a peer by David Cameron in 2015.

Responding to a tweet in which she boasted of the success of her jewellery line, MacDonald wrote "how thrilling" before implying that she was not committed to her role as a peer. 

Mone had tweeted: “Its official..I am now the No1 best selling designer jewellery brand on QVC! Launching my 25th collection live today 12pm & 7pm on QVC. Lots of pink diamonds.”

MacDonald said: "Since becoming a Baroness and legislator - for which she is entitled to £300 per day - Ms Mone has submitted no questions to the government and taken part in only two votes. Still, she's sold some jewellery."

But the Scottish entrepreneur - who made her fortune by setting up the Ultimo underwear range in 1999 - hit back by insisting she had voted 78 times since entering the Lords.  



Baroness Mone has spoken twice in the upper chamber since then Prime Minister Mr Cameron awarded her a peerage in August 2015, but has not submitted any written questions.

She added: “My £300 allowance goes to charity, what do you do with your £316 per day? Now off you trot & get on with your day job.”

MacDonald went on: "I seem to have touched a nerve here. Your record as a Baroness is woefully poor. One debate in the past year, no parliamentary questions since entering and missed 64% of votes. Giving money to charity doesn't erase that poor record."

Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles added: “Michelle Mone is another Scottish Conservative who has gone to Westminster and done absolutely nothing.”

A spokesperson for Baroness Mone insisted in a statement that she was “fully committed” to her role as a peer.


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