Mandatory masters degree for head teachers

Written by Tom Freeman on 23 February 2015 in News

Scottish College for Educational Leadership introduces new headship qualification

A new masters degree in headship is being introduced which will be a requirement for all new head teachers from 2018.

It has been designed by the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL).

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the new qualification while visiting a school in East London which was part of the London Challenge and has made significant progress in improving attainment. “I want all schools to be led by the best qualified people who are ready to take on the role as headteacher. Strong leadership and the best teachers are a fundamental part of improving attainment and achievement for children and young people,” she said.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) welcomed the move to make the qualification mandatory. It will replace the existing standards for headship.

GTCS chief executive Ken Muir said: “The importance of standards not just to teachers but to parents and pupils is one of the hallmarks of the high quality Scottish education system.”

Sturgeon also announced another £1m investment in masters-level training for other teachers. “Even the best head teachers can’t deliver on their own; classroom teachers play a vital and valuable role,” she said. 

You can read an interview with SCEL's chief executive Gillian Hamilton here




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