Health committee seeking Brexit views

Written by Tom Freeman on 11 December 2017 in News

Holyrood committee will investigate challenges and opportunities of Brexit to health and care system

Neil Findlay, health and sport committee - Scottish Parliament

A Holyrood committee has called for written views on how leaving the EU will impact on health and social care in Scotland.

The Health and Sport committee will investigate the risks and benefits associated with Brexit along with the NHS’s internal market and cross-border health arrangements.

The call comes as an SNP amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill at Westminster calls for an independent review of the impact of Brexit on health and care systems across the UK.

Health bodies and third sector organisations have expressed concern about losing EU staff, a decline in funding for medical research and levels of funding for services.

In its request for evidence, the parliamentary committee has also raised how future trade agreements might impact on health and social care in Scotland.

Convener Neil Findlay said: “While the impact of Brexit is difficult to predict, it is clear that a number of potentially important changes may take place.

“The committee will consider what the NHS and social care in Scotland could look like once the UK leaves the EU to identify what the potential risks and opportunities are, and find areas where Scotland can influence the changes that will be necessary most effectively.”

The deadline for written evidence submissions is 25 January 2018.




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