Banning Donald Trump from the UK 'would do him some good' says Alex Salmond

Written by Liam Kirkaldy and Sebastian Whale on 18 January 2016 in News

Responding to Trump's suggestion that all Muslims should banned from the US, the former FM said “I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland”

Alex Salmond has backed calls to ban Donald Trump from the UK, saying the move “would do him some good”.

Responding to Trump's suggestion that all Muslims should banned from the US, the former FM said “I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland”.

Parliament will today debate the idea of banning the US Republican candidate after an online petition petition calling on Mr Trump to be banned attracted more than 560,000 signatures.


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Trump recently described Alex Salmond as “an embarrassment to Scotland”.

Salmond told the BBC: “What should happen is that the Home Secretary should consider Donald Trump's remarks in the same way as she consider the remarks of hundreds of other people and she should do it with exactly the same criteria”.

"My view is that, yes, I would probably ban "The Donald" because it would do him some good. He wants to ban all Muslims from the US. I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland.”

Labour MP Paul Flynn will lead the debate in Parliament.

He told PoliticsHome that banning Mr Trump would grant him “unnecessary attention and publicity”.

“By far the best thing I believe, and what I would be advocating, is that we should invite him here and ask him to show us what the no-go areas for the police are in the United Kingdom,” he said.

“Perhaps we can discuss why there are more deaths per day in the United States from gunshot wounds than there are per year in the United Kingdom.

“There are a number of other issue we would like to discuss about our race relations. To have a civilised, respectful, courteous exchange of views in the House of Commons would be great.

“To take him for a walk down the streets in Brixton would be very educational for him and I believe that is a far better way of dealing with it than to suggest we react to the things that he said by trying to ban him from our country.”

David Cameron George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn are all opposed to banning Trump. 


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