Holyrood Magazine issue 379 / 27 March 2017

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Interview with Labour Peer Alf Dubs on the fate of the Dubs Amendment. A look at the first year of health and social care integration including comment from Shona Robison and an interview with NHS Chief Executive Paul Gray. The Scottish Governments STEM strategy and an interview with Minister Shirley-Anne Somerville.


3 Editor’s note

Something just didn’t sit right with the claims in the immediate aftermath of the Westminster attack that terrorism doesn’t pay when political leaders were busy paying homage to Martin McGuinness


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks


7 Talking Point

It is hard to escape the feeling Parliament is paralysed by constitution


9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


10 Political Spotlight

‘Now is not the time’ has launched a new episode


12   Political interview:  Lord Dubs

Labour peer Lord Dubs still believes politics can be a force for good


17  Overview: Health & social care integration

Are the benefits of health and social care integration being felt yet?


25  Comment: Shona Robison

The Health Secretary gives her take on the progress of integration


27  Focus: Local Government

Councils have seen budgets redistributed via the health service


30  Interview: Paul Gray

NHS Scotland’s top man on how integration can fly


35  Overview: STEM

What needs to be done to improve STEM education in Scotland


40  Interview: Shirley-Anne Somerville

The minister launches the new draft STEM strategy


43 Event Report

Attracting STEM teachers is proving difficult


46 Comment

Henry McLeish: In the US, Brexit has been met with bewliderment


47 Inbox

Young people’s mental health, independence and exercise


48 Diary

High spirits at the SNP conference and a promotion for George Osborne


49 On the Desk

Conservative MSP Ross Thomson shows his fascination for the US


50 Last Word

Sketch: Liam Kirkaldy takes a trip to the SNP conference to learn whether the dream will still float

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