Holyrood Magazine issue 375 / 30 January 2017

Written by on 29 January 2017 in Magazine

Scotland’s justice system including controversies over Police Scotland and an interview with Justice Secretary Michael Matheson. Interview with Health Secretary Shona Robertson about the NHS. Focus on Scotland’s housing crisis. 


3 Editor’s note

Make no mistake, being fat is a class issue. The poorest children in society are also the fattest children


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks


7 Talking Point

In the chaos caused by referendums, leaders can struggle to hold their nerve


9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


10 Political Spotlight

Is the Supreme Court “constitutional crisis” playing into nationalist hands?


12  Political interview:  Shona Robison

Can the Health Secretary heal NHS wounds?


20  Cover story: Scotland’s justice system

Problems with Police Scotland dominate discussion of the justice system, but improvements have been made and lessons learned


26 Justice interview: Michael Matheson

Michael Matheson explains how he’s taken inspriation from his health background for evidence-led justice reform


31 Feature: The housing crisis

The term housing crisis might be overused, but remains a reality for those on the frontline of housing and homelessness


36 Getting to know you

Conservative health spokesperson Donald Cameron MSP


38 Comment

Ayesha Hazarika: Trump’s press secretary indicates a troubling direction of travel


39 Inbox

Trainspotting, bus passes and type 1diabetes


40 Diary

Haiku skills, celebrity pals and Braveheart boasting


41 On the Desk

Labour’s Claire Baker reveals her Britpop revival


42 Last Word

Parliamentary sketch: A rural affairs debate sees the Scottish Parliament clash over potatoes

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