Holyrood Magazine issue 369 / 24 October 2016

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Education in Scotland: including an interview with John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary, as well as features looking at early years, the attainment gap, colleges and universities, and lifelong learning. Spotlight on Brexit. Comment from Geoff Aberdein.


3 Editor’s note

It is said that a society is judged by the way it deals with those that offend against it but really, shouldn’t the overall health of a government actually be assessed by how it parents its children?


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks


8 Talking Point

On pigs, Vogons, Kafka, crofters, and the cruelty of the council tax


10 Political Spotlight

Nicola Sturgeon and the ‘i’ word


12 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


13  Overview:  Education

From cradle to grave, early years are the foundation of later success


20  Special feature: City of Glasgow College

As the City of Glasgow Colleges launches its new City campus, Holyrood finds out about the changing nature of college education


22  Interview: John Swinney

From bank manager to head teacher, John Swinney has changed roles, John Swinney has new energy as he takes on education


30  Feature: Brexit

Brexit means Brexit - but what flavour of Brexit will it be?


34  Special feature: Visit Scotland

How can Scotland grow its tourism sector?


36 Event Report

What progress has been made in tackling NPS use?


38 Comment

Geoff Aberdein: How are the main parties looking post conference season?


39 Inbox

The review of the care system and responses to employment figures


40 Diary

Some photo-mixups, fancy footwork, and a pretty high wager at SNP conference


41 On the Desk

Kate Forbes: SNP MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch


42 Last Word

Sketch: A trip to the SNP conference provides an insight into what the party stands for

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