Holyrood Magazine issue 368 / 10 October 2016

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Annual autumn conference issue for the Scottish National Party. Interviews and original comment from Nicola Sturgeon, Depute Leader candidates Chris McEleny, Tommy Sheppard, Alyn Smith and Angus Robertson. Spotlight on the First Minister’s Programme for Government. Round tables on collaboration between the public and private sectors and on pharmacists as the first tier of healthcare.


3 Editor’s note

Theresa May’s speech at Conservative Party conference highlighted repeatedly that change is on the cards, but is it the kind of change we want?


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks


7 Talking Point

As 20mph speed limits are rolled out to more areas, the issue is enforcing the limits


9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


10 Political Spotlight

Theresa May has transformed from a reserved remainer into a bold Brexiteer


12  Feature:  Programme for Government

The Scottish Parliament has more powers than ever before, but how will they be used?


16  Interview: Nicola Sturgeon

Holyrood editor Mandy Rhodes talks to the First Minister about her experiences of the Brexit negotiations so far


24  Overview: SNP party conference

As we go into this year’s SNP conference, is a second independence referendum any closer than before?


30  Q&A: SNP depute leader contenders

Holyrood talks to the four candidates for the depute leadership of the SNP about their views on some of the issues that matter


38 Round table

How can the public and private sectors work together for better public services


42 Round table

What can help pharmacy become the first tier of healthcare?


46 Comment

John McTernan on Theresa May’s “toxic mix of xenophobia and pure fantasy”


47 Inbox

Air Passenger Duty, underground coal gasification and the PM


48 Diary

An Icelandic trio, a big blue rubber ducky and the globe begins to crack


49 On the desk

Jamie Greene, Conservative MSP for the West of Scotland, shows off his desk


50 Last Word

Liam Kirkaldy: The Fox, the Crabb and the Leadsom - who are the beasts stalking the Tory conference?

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