Holyrood 420 / 11 March 2019

Written by Holyrood Magazine on 11 March 2019 in Magazine

Special double issue with two covers: The Women’s Issue -  featuring interview with the equalities minister Christina McKelvie; and The Labour Party Conference Issue - featuring interview with Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.



10   Overview: Gender gap progress report

Progress has been made, but there is much more to be done


14   Interview: Christina McKelvie

The Minister for Older People and Equalities on how her childhood in the east end of Glasgow shaped her priorities


21   Focus: Women in STEM

Experts warn progress needs to happen urgently if we are to avoid locking women out of the jobs of tomorrow


24   Roundtable: Men at Work

Male MSPs are asked about their role in the fight for equality





42   Overview: Labour Party Conference

Scottish Labour heads to Dundee with a fight to be recognised


40   Interview: Richard Leonard

The Scottish Labour leader on conference, Brexit and indyref2


37   Spotlight: House of Cards

Labour has failed to capitalise on the opportunities Brexit presents






3 Editor’s note Who would have thought that proposed changes to something as dry as the census could prompt a vicious row about what makes a woman


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from

 the past two weeks


7 Talking Point

Health & social care in remote areas needs a pay boost


9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


27  Insider Interview: Sir David Steel

Part of our 20th Anniversary Year series


30 Event Report

Why cyber crime keeps the Deputy FM awake at night


32 Comment

Kate Shannon: the good and bad of social media


33 Pets

Jeane Freeman’s cat Tosca is a bird killer


34 Diary

A cream pie and neeps, yer da sells Avon


35 Last Word

Liam Kirkaldy on the new fashion sweeping UK politics: resigning from your post and taking no responsibility

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