Politicians and their pets: Peter Chapman

Written by Staff reporter on 20 February 2019 in Inside Politics

The Conservative MSP for North East Scotland and his dogs, Brodie and Kirsty

Peter Chapman and his dogs - Image credit: Peter Chapman/Holyrood


Brodie, a Hungarian Vizla, and Kirsty, a Whippet.



Brodie is five and a half and Kirsty is two and a half.


How long have you had them?

We got them both as 10-week-old puppies, so all their life.

Where did you get them?

Both were bought in the North East, so fairly locally: Brodie in the Elgin area and Kirsty just south of Aberdeen. They were both seen in their home and with their mother which is very important.


What special talents do they have?

Nothing very special, but they are both very fit and fast dogs. They are allowed to run free over our farms and get walked twice a day. Brodie, in particular, is very clever and obedient and is never far from your side. Kirsty less so, but still always comes when called.


What’s the worst thing either of them have done? 

They are both breeds which are interested in wildlife and true to their nature they are very keen to chase and occasionally catch rabbits. As an arable crop farmer rabbits can be a pest, so that’s fine by me, but Kirsty once caught and killed one of the neighbour’s hens. That was not acceptable.

Brodie was and is still very keen to chase sticks, frisbees and balls which is OK, but he used to also be very interested in chasing stones, such that on two occasions he swallowed a stone which stuck in his stomach, necessitating an operation (on both occasions) to remove them.


What’s the most ridiculous thing you have bought or done for your pet?

Lots of treats and toys too numerous to mention. They both have coats which they regularly wear during winter. Very spoiled dogs.


Do you think of yourself as a pet parent or a pet owner?

Pet parent


What’s your first pet or animal-related memory?

Growing up on a farm there were always dogs around as long as I can remember. There were also lambs and calves which were always open to a bit of petting from a young Peter.


If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

What I definitely would not want is any kind of exotic pet which has been stolen from its natural habitat. So, monkeys, tigers, lizards etc should never be looked on as potential pets. I am more than satisfied with a good, trusty, well-behaved and loyal dog.


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