Scottish Lib Dems: Jo Swinson complaint ‘an SNP tactic’

Written by Tom Freeman on 29 November 2017 in News

Police Scotland is investigating a complaint regarding Jo Swinson's election spending in Dumbartonshire

Jo Swinson - PA 

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have dismissed a complaint made to police about Jo Swinson’s election expenses as “an SNP tactic”.

The party confirmed a complaint was made to Police Scotland about the East Dunbartonshire MP’s campaign spending during the 2017 general election, and that the force is investigating.

Swinson won the seat back from the SNP this year after losing it in 2015. It was one of the party's top targets across the UK. She has since become the party’s deputy leader at a UK level.

It is thought the complaint from the constituent is that the volume of leaflets delivered by the Liberal Democrats in the area would surpass rules on spending on individual constituencies. On twitter several people claim they were "swamped" with leaflets during the campaign.

“This is a classic SNP tactic when they have lost an election,” said a party spokesperson.

“Last year they wasted 13 months of police time with their complaint about the election in Edinburgh Western, and the police found there was no case to answer. 

“All expenditure in this election was apportioned correctly and clearly identified in our election return which is a matter of public record. As in Edinburgh Western, we have full confidence that there is no substance to this complaint. 

The spokesperson added: "We make no apology for fighting as hard as we could to stop the SNP in their tracks. The people of East Dunbartonshire made a clear choice when they rejected the SNP in June.”


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