Striking a balance: fossil fuels

25 April 2018

Despite ambitious renewable targets, fossil fuels are still important to Scotland


It wasn’t me... the search for answers in Syria

23 April 2018

The row over parliament’s right to vote on military action has sidelined the central debate over who was responsible for the deadly attack on Douma

Sketch: Theresa May finds herself in a hostile environment

20 April 2018

Let he who has never accidentally deported someone after destroying all record of their citizenship throw the first stone

Associate feature: The EU Internal Energy Market

19 April 2018

Gordon Downie from Shepherd and Wedderburn on what Brexit could mean for the UK energy market

Kenny MacAskill: The new SPA can be a lesson for public boards

13 April 2018

Public boards have a duty to reflect society, not simply in terms of gender balance but at a much broader level, writes former justice secretary Kenny MacAskill

The gender pay gap and the media's pursuit of balance

10 April 2018

A radio discussion on the gender pay gap raises questions over the media's approach to impartiality

Consent on campus - building on the #EmilyTest

25 April 2018

Event report: attempts to tackle sexual abuse and harassment will require all partners to challenge behaviours and commit to gender equality

Youth commission launched to advise Scottish Government on young people’s mental health services

27 April 2018

The 22 members of the Youth Commission on Mental Health Services will make recommendations on how to improve mental health for young people

MPs launch inquiry into long-term viability of the North Sea oil and gas industry

26 April 2018

North Sea oil and gas industry contributes approximately £17bn to the UK’s balance of trade and supporting over 300,000 jobs

Keeping Barnett formula 'not appropriate' after Brexit, warns Institute for Fiscal Studies

24 April 2018

Pledge to maintain Barnett formula one of the key parts of the Vow, made by the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems in the run up to the 2014 independence referendum