Scottish Labour to launch its vision for local government

Written by Kate Shannon on 10 January 2017 in News

Deputy leader Alex Rowley will accuse Nicola Sturgeon of becoming the nation’s "Minister for Cuts”.

Alex Rowley - Picture Credit: Alex Rowley

Scottish Labour will today launch its vision for local government, pledging to invest in Scotland's under-threat public services.

Deputy leader Alex Rowley, who has been appointed local government campaign manager ahead of May's council elections, will deliver a speech in which he will accuse Nicola Sturgeon of becoming the nation’s "Minister for Cuts”.

He will say councils are in "crisis" after the SNP government unveiled cuts of £327m to valued local services in the 2017/18 draft manifesto.


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Speaking ahead of today’s launch, Rowley said: “In four months we will be asking people across Scotland to go to the polls and vote for their local councillors.

“Today we are the first party to publish our vision for local government in Scotland.

“Scottish Labour believes that council services are at the heart of people’s lives and we will always protect them.

“The First Minister promised voters she would be a champion of the poor and the working class. Instead, she has become the nation’s ‘Minister for Cuts’.

“This year, the cuts to local government will amount to £327million.

“Our councils are in crisis. Scottish Labour wants to invest in public services and the workers who provide then, to ensure all of us have access to the good quality services we value.”

As well as the party's national framework being published today, individual Labour groups in towns and cities across Scotland will produce local manifestos in the coming months.

Rowley will be joined at today’s event in Edinburgh by council leaders from across the country.



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