The Oil and Gas Technology Centre launches £2m fund for digital and decommissioning innovation

Written by Jenni Davidson on 20 December 2017 in News

The centre has set two challenges to encourage technological innovation

Oil rig - Image credit: Steven Straiton via Flickr

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre in Aberdeen has launched a £2m fund to support innovation in digital technology and decommissioning for the sector.

The centre has launched a ‘call for ideas’ centred around two challenges, each supported by up to £1m.

The first challenge seeks new digital analytics approaches, such as machine learning, that can quickly organise, screen and assess data from oil and gas wells.

It suggests that better use of the data, which often held in different formats and of variable quality, could lead to new discoveries, help extend field life and maximise economic recovery.

The second challenge is looking for “integrated, modular, environmentally friendly and cost-effective life support solutions” – the power and utilities that are needed during decommissioning – that will create more flexibility around when facilities are decommissioned.

Regarding the digital challenge, Digital Transformation Solutions Centre adviser Steve Roberts said: “We believe that sophisticated analytics techniques, such as machine learning, could help identify remaining oil and gas accumulations and consequently impact the extent of life of nearby fields and maximise economic recovery in an area.”

The deadline for the digital challenge is 26 January, while the decommissioning challenge closes on 16 February.



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