New SNP Westminster front bench team announced

Written by Kate Shannon on 21 June 2017 in News

Gender balanced group unveiled ahead of the Queen’s Speech

Ian Blackford: Picture credit - Màrtainn MacDhòmhnaill/Flickr

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has announced his new frontbench team.
The 12-strong, gender balanced group is made up of members first elected in 2015.


The party said they will hold the UK Government to account, and represent the SNP in its role as the third party in the UK Parliament, and the largest party in Scotland.

Blackford said: “I am delighted to announce our new leadership team and our frontbench spokespeople, drawing on the huge wealth of talent and experience across the party from areas including business, our public services, and charity sectors.
“As Scotland’s leading party at Westminster, and the third party across the UK, the SNP has a huge opportunity, and pivotal position, in this hung parliament to stand up for Scotland’s interests and make our voice heard.
“The SNP will be the strong and effective opposition to this weak Tory government – using our influence to further Scotland’s interests and deliver fairer, progressive policies, to make our country the best it can be."
SNP Westminster group leadership team includes Ian Blackford, Kirsty Blackman, Patrick Grady, Stephen Gethins, Hannah Bardell, Neil Gray, Alison Thewliss, Drew Hendry, Joanna Cherry, Philippa Whitford, Deirdre Brock and Brendan O’Hara.



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