MPs set to back May's call for 8 June general election

Written by John Ashmore on 19 April 2017 in News

Theresa May is expected to easily secure the two thirds vote in the House of Commons

Theresa May: Picture credit - Philip Toscano/PA Wire/PA Images

Theresa May is expected to easily secure the two thirds vote in the House of Commons to kick off a surprise early general election campaign.

The Prime Minister shocked the nation by dramatically announcing her plans to go to the country yesterday morning, with even some of her own Cabinet colleagues in the dark about the move until the very last minute.


BREAKING: Theresa May announces plan for general election on 8 June 

Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May’s snap general election a ‘huge political miscalculation’

The Government will today table a Commons motion, which under the Fixed Term Parliament Act (FTPA) requires the backing of two thirds of members to trigger a new poll. 

With both Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron welcoming an early poll it looks all but certain Mrs May will get the 434 votes she needs. 

However PoliticsHome understands that at last night's meeting of the parliamentary Labour party a number of Labour MPs argued against supporting today's motion. 

Instead they urged colleagues to abstain, thereby forcing May to call a potentially embarrassing vote of no confidence in her own government - another way she can force an early vote under the terms of the FTPA. 

According to the Times, a handful of MPs said they would consider voting against the motion. They included Chester MP Chris Matheson, whose seat is among the most marginal in the country, as well as Liz McInnes, the MP for Heywood and Middleton.

With the Conservatives in a commanding polling lead, the election could spell defeat for many Labour MPs in marginal seats. 

However the Liberal Democrats are hopeful of recovering some of the ground they lost in their 2015 election wipeout.

Three of the party's former coalition ministers who lost their seats two years ago - Vince Cable, Ed Davey and Simon Hughes - are set to run again in six weeks' time.



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