Minister to unveil plans for more productive Scotland

Written by Andrew Whitaker on 31 May 2016 in News

New Economy Secretary to set out government plans at Holyrood today for the economy    

Scotland’s first dedicated Economy Secretary will today set out plans that he says will deliver a more productive country through “innovation, investment, internationalisation and tackling inequality".

Brown, speaking ahead of opening the first economy debate at Holyrood today, said that Scotland’s economy had proven resilient in face of what he stated were “considerable challenges” such as falling oil prices.  

However, Brown, who was appointed to the economy brief by Sturgeon in her post-election cabinet reshuffle promised to promote a “competitive and supportive business environment”.

Nicola Sturgeon's new Scottish cabinet

Election 2016: Who does the Scottish economy exist to serve?

The minister said the Scottish Government’s economic plans for this parliament would also heavily focus on tackling inequality.  

He said that his appointment as a dedicated economic secretary “should send a clear signal” that Sturgeon’s government would promote Scotland as a business-friendly environment.  

Speaking ahead of the Holyrood debate, Brown said: “Today’s debate provides an opportunity to reflect on the resilience of the Scottish economy. Despite uncertain global conditions, and falling oil prices, our economy has continued to grow over the last year.

“This demonstrates that the fundamentals of our economy remain strong, but I am clear that we must substantially build on this position to help our firms and our people reach their full potential.

“Today I will set out our plan to make Scotland a more productive country through innovation, investment, internationalisation and inclusive growth.

“At the heart of our actions will be a clear and unrelenting focus on creating a competitive and supportive business environment. I will listen carefully to constructive ideas about how we can support our economic growth put forward by MSPs from across the Chamber during the debate.”

He added: “My appointment as a dedicated Cabinet Secretary for the economy should send a clear signal of this Government’s focus on stimulating growth, protecting and creating jobs and promoting Scotland as a great place to do business.”



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