Lib Dems promise 'no pacts, no coalitions' says Tim Farron

Written by Tom Freeman on 9 May 2017 in News

Tim Farron more favourable to tactical voting in Scotland where the Lib Dems are "only challengers" to SNP in some areas


Jo Swinson, Wille Rennie and Tim Farron - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Tim Farron has reiterated that the Liberal Democrats will do no post-election deals with rival parties after one of the party's most senior figures encouraged activists to vote tactically at the election.

Farron, who visited Fife and Edinburgh during his campaign tour yesterday, declared “there will be no deal, no pacts, no coalitions” after the vote on 8 June.

The party leader was responding to audio footage leaked to LBC and Sky News in which Lib Dem grandee Vince Cable was heard saying many Labour MPs held similar views to him in an apparent endorsement of tactical voting.


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"I would hope that our people around the country are discriminating and think and act in a constructive way,” Cable said, endorsing Labour's Rupa Huq in Ealing.

But Farron told ITV News while MPs should "treat each other like human beings," the Lib Dems "are very clear in our message there will be no deal, no pacts, no coalitions.

"It's about the Lib Dems being the only serious and clear alternative to a Tory landslide."

In Scotland, however, Farron was more sympathetic to tactical voting. He said the party was the "only challenger" to the SNP in many seats including in the Highlands.

"There is a very unique message from the Liberal Democrats in Scotland - it is the only party that thinks Scotland is better off in the United Kingdom, and that the United Kingdom is better off in the single market, and preferably in Europe," he said.

Scottish leader Willie Rennie will be campaigning in the Highlands today.

“Liberal Democrats are only a few thousand votes short of winning back the Highlands so if people want change they should back the Liberal Democrats," he is expected to say. "The Highlands is a straight choice between the Liberal Democrats and the SNP. No other result is possible."

Farron also named former minister and East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson as one of the key members of his campaign team. She is fighting to regain the seat she lost in 2015.


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