Exit polls predict Conservatives still biggest party but without overall majority

Written by Jenni Davidson on 8 June 2017 in News

Seat calculations based on the polls would see the SNP losing 22 seats

Ballot box - Image credit: PA Images

The Conservatives may have lost their majority at Westminster, if exit poll predictions are correct.

Exit polls predict that the Tories would still be the largest party, but could be 12 short of the 326 seats they need for a majority.

The polls put the Conservatives on 314, a drop of 17, with Labour on 266, an increase of 34.


The SNP are predicted to lose 22 seats, leaving them with 34 seats, while the Lib Dems are forecast to gain six seats.

Speaking to the BBC, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said: "I have every confidence in Theresa May.

"We're at the start of the evening, we need to be working through these results, and there's a lot of time to pass now before we see what the final outcome is."

Following the announcement Mark Diffley of pollsters Ipsos MORI tweeted: “No reason to believe exit poll to be any less accurate than 2015”.

In 2015 the exit polls were fairly accurate, but predicted the Conservatives falling short of a majority, whereas they in fact had a majority of 12 seats.



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