Alex Salmond’s Edinburgh Fringe show has sold out

Written by Kate Shannon on 1 August 2017 in News

The former first minister and MP is set to star in Alex Salmond…Unleashed at the Assembly Rooms later this month

Alex Samond: Picture credit - David Anderson

Alex Salmond’s two-week show at the Edinburgh Fringe has sold out.

The former first minister and MP, who lost his Westminster seat in June, is set to appear in Alex Salmond…Unleashed at the Assembly Rooms later this month.

The show is billed as “an afternoon of chat, stories, a little bit of music and lots of fun”.

Speaking to the National newspaper last month, he said: “I have always fancied a spot at the Edinburgh Fringe and this is going to be lots of fun. Obviously in the show there will be lots about politics but the emphasis will be very much on the lighter side.

“Among the invited guests there is already plenty of excitement and quite a few surprises. I suspect some people might be taken aback at the range of friends whom I invite along. 

“I can confirm that the president of the United States will not be appearing in person but he may well feature in quite a few of the stories I tell about recent political events.”

Each performance will feature a different 'celebrity' guest from the world of politics, showbiz and sport.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Fringe appearance has also sold out.

He will be speaking to comedian and broadcaster Susan Morrison about “what makes him tick, how he deals with adversity, and why our country, and its politics, needs to be transformed”.



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