Renewables Autumn 2014

Written by on 26 September 2014 in Feature

Crunch time - the looming deadline of Electricity Market Reform


By the time this edition of Holyrood Renewables comes out, a major decision will have been made on Scotland’s future.
Energy has been an important part of the independence debate, from how we ensure the lights stay on, down to who foots the bills and, whichever side won the argument on 18 September, Scotland will, in all likelihood, retain its strong links with the UK energy market. 
Even if it was a Yes vote, the Scottish Government’s White Paper included a pledge that a Scottish regulator would work in partnership with the regulator in England and Wales to establish a single market, and Energy Minister Fergus Ewing had previously promised that the support for subsidies would continue under independence.
So, regardless of the outcome, the Contracts for Difference application round in October is a crucial time for the industry as developers bid to get their projects off the ground.
In this issue we also focus our attention on the importance of marine energy, with not only Scottish Renewables’ conference in Inverness, but also the confirmation that Atlantis Resources has secured funding for the largest tidal scheme to have been consented in Europe.
But there is also a reminder that the industry is being embraced across the country. Dundee is the focus of our regional spotlight, where the energy industry is playing a central role in the city’s regeneration and is an important part of its economic development strategy.




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