Chris Yiu, SCVO Digital Director

Written by Alan Robertson on 18 September 2015 in Feature

For the next 100 days, Connect will be running through our Tech 100 for 2015, profiling the key figures driving the digital agenda in Scotland. Today's it's the turn of SCVO digital director Chris Yiu.

Chris Yiu (@clry2​)

Job Title/Organisation: Director, Digital at SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations)

What does your role involve?

My role covers three big themes:
•    Helping more people in Scotland to gain basic digital skills
•    Helping more charities and voluntary organisations in Scotland to think digital
•    Using the web to help more people get involved with charities and good causes

What do you consider to be the most imminent challenge in your line of work?

There are still 800,000 adults in Scotland who don't have the basic digital skills needed to get things done online. We're working hard to change that, but it's a pretty daunting number.

What has been the most rewarding piece of work you've undertaken?

Meeting people across Scotland who are using the web for the first time and hearing their stories about how it's changed their lives.

How can Scotland bridge the digital skills gap?

When it comes to basic digital skills, we know what sorts of approaches work. Now we need to invest much more if we're serious about making sure everyone is included. If we're talking about higher digital skills, then initiatives like CodeClan and improvements to the school curriculum are really important.

Which new technology excites you the most?

Low cost smartphones and tablets are starting to make a real impact. They won't solve the digital inclusion challenge, but I think they could be a really important part of the answer.

What's your favourite app and why?

Google Photos. Finally an easy way to sort and manage all my pictures!

What, for you, will 2016 be the year of from a technology/digital standpoint?

In 2016 we'll be leading a big push to help more Scottish charities make the most of the internet and digital tools. It's not about a particular technology, but it will show how digital can make a huge difference to good causes and the people they work with.

Monday: Jane Ankori, programme director for A Local Information System for Scotland (ALISS)​ at the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE), on her hopes that 2016 is the year people are put truly at the centre of digital health and wellbeing​​.



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