Nicola Sturgeon: The SNP can deliver for Scotland

9 October 2018

Writing for Holyrood ahead of SNP conference, Nicola Sturgeon says the party has to remain positive in the face of Brexit negativity

You can oppose independence but you cannot deny Scotland’s right to choose, Nicola Sturgeon warns Tories

9 October 2018

In her speech at SNP conference Nicola Sturgeon attacked the UK Government for “selfishly driving the UK towards a hard Brexit”

Interview: SNP depute leader Keith Brown on election prep and policy debate

9 October 2018

Keith Brown is simultaneously preparing the SNP for a second independence referendum, a general election, a Scottish Parliament election and another vote on the EU

SNP conference 2018: elephants in the room

9 October 2018

The list of awkward topics the SNP needs to avoid at party conference is growing

Scottish Government to set up victims’ taskforce, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf announces

8 October 2018

The announcement of the taskforce follows a commitment by the Scottish Government to make the justice system more victim centred

Holyrood Magazine issue 409 / 24 September 2018

8 October 2018

Torn apart:

Conference season mutiny

Mandy Rhodes: Can Corbyn & May save their parties, or themselves?

Overview: Rumours of plots, conspiracies and coups


Scotland in space – spaceports and satellite manufacturing

8 October 2018

Scotland is a global leader in satellite production and it will soon be home to Europe’s first spaceport


Holyrood Magazine issue 408 / 10 September 2018

8 October 2018

Reasons to be cheerful:  Jeremy Corbyn in search of peace

Health of the nation:

The postcode lottery:
Does where you live dictate how long you live?


NHS whistleblowing champions ‘can come straight to me’, says Jeane Freeman

8 October 2018

Jeane Freeman says she will introduce new measures to support whistleblowers and personally appoint champions to every board

Scottish Government to consult on creating hate crime of misogyny

8 October 2018

The proposal goes further than Lord Bracadale’s recommendation to create a new statutory aggravation relating to gender

The bitter row over Dugdale’s legal costs that precipitated a reshuffle

5 October 2018

Mandy Rhodes on the sticks and stones of Kezia Dugdale's defamation legal battle and how it has impacted the party she used to lead

SNP would prop up minority Labour government in return for dumping Trident

5 October 2018

The party's defence spokesman at Westminster said scrapping Trident should be one of Corbyn's "key planks"

Men with few qualifications at most risk from barriers to trade with EU after Brexit

5 October 2018

Men working in manufacturing could be particularly affected by trade barriers such as tariffs or customs checks

Sketch: Scottish Labour's constitutional contortions

5 October 2018

Labour's plan to decide "at the time" whether to allow indyref2 is undermined by the fact it has already decided

GPs across Shetland to hand out ‘Nature Prescriptions’

5 October 2018

NHS Shetland and RSPB Scotland said that by prescribing time in the outdoors, GPs could also help address a growing disconnect with nature across society