Visiting Srebrenica filled me with anger and shame

17 June 2018

For too long the story of Srebrenica and the wider atrocities committed during the Bosnia war have been muffled, if not outright denied

Sketch: The dream lives on at the SNP conference

15 June 2018

Sketch: The SNP conference provides a chance to check up on the state of the campaign for Scottish independence

Universal Credit not value for money, reports National Audit Office

15 June 2018

The UK Government watchdog also criticised the DWP’s failure to listen to claimants and lack of sensitivity

Disability hate crime increases by over 50 per cent in a year

15 June 2018

Race remains the most common factor in hate crime but numbers of race-related hate crimes continue to decrease

Scottish Secretary David Mundell faces calls to resign over EU Withdrawal Bill

15 June 2018

David Mundell stated that only the UK Parliament had the power to legislate for issues affecting the whole of the UK

Associate feature: Brexit gives us the chance to rethink the way we do business in Scotland

15 June 2018

Finance leaders need technical knowledge supplemented with ethical and professional behaviours in today’s fast-evolving business landscape

SNP membership increases by 5,000 after MPs' walkout over EU Withdrawal Bill

14 June 2018

Nicola Sturgeon predicted the Tories would pay “a very, very heavy political price” for their handling of the Brexit bill

SNP rally round walk-out MPs

14 June 2018

Nicola Sturgeon brands lack of time in EU Withdrawal bill debate for devolution "a travesty of democracy".

Labour MSP in neo-Nazi visit row

14 June 2018

Neil Findlay disputes the Scottish Parliament's claim that MSPs are informed of visiting dignitaries in advance

EU Withdrawal Bill progresses without Scottish Parliament’s consent

13 June 2018

Devolution amendments defeated after less than 20 minutes of debate in the Commons

Jane-Claire Judson launches No Life Half Lived vision

13 June 2018

Associate feature: Holyrood asks Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's chief executive Jane Claire Judson about the charity's new vision based on human rights

Student support changes revealed by Scottish Government

13 June 2018

Student support review will changes thresholds to loan repayments and see £16m invested in bursaries for poorer studnets

A good plan?

12 June 2018

The planning system is hugely important and it's time it was given the respect and attention it deserves