More school leavers entering positive destinations

26 February 2019

But new figures reveal a “class divide” between young people from the richest and poorest communities

MSPs to debate opt-out organ donation bill

26 February 2019

Under the proposed new system, if a person does not opt out of donation, they could be considered to have agreed that their organs and tissue can be used for transplants

How devolution changed Scotland

26 February 2019

As the Scottish Parliament turns 20, Holyrood will launch a new series of features focused on different areas of the country to examine how devolution has changed Scotland 

What is the Independent Group's exclusive club actually for?

26 February 2019

The Independent Group is a group of defected politicians from different parties with no leader, no policies and no real raison d’etre, writes Mandy Rhodes

Will the Gang of Seven learn lessons from the history books?

25 February 2019

The MPs who quit the Labour Party to stand as a group of independents could be venturing along the same rocky path as the Gang of Four, writes Gemma Fraser 

Tony Blair: If we hadn’t had devolution, Scotland might be independent by now

24 February 2019

The former prime minister also said that “probably the mood in Scotland would be less in favour of independence” were it not for Brexit

Sketch: How the Independent Group looks set to sweep Scotland

22 February 2019

Sketch: The Independent Group's early momentum was checked somewhat by running into accusations of racism almost immediately

Exclusive: Scottish Labour lost support because it abandoned centre ground, warns Tony Blair

22 February 2019

The former prime minister used an exclusive interview with Holyrood to urge the party to oppose Brexit and push for maximum devolution within the UK

Associate feature: Graduate Apprenticeships are a perfect fit for Scotland’s STEM sector

22 February 2019

Dr Sally Smith, Dean of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, on how developing new graduate skills is no longer the sole domain of universities

Police Scotland officers justified in use of Tasers in three incidents, PIRC finds

22 February 2019

The policing watchdog found that the use of Tasers was necessary, proportionate and justified in all three cases

Theresa May warned dozens of Tory MPs preparing to rebel to prevent no-deal Brexit

22 February 2019

It is estimated that at least 30 Tory MPs could defy the Government whip which would be a devastating blow to the PM

Jo Swinson reaches out to Independent Group of Labour and Tory splitters

22 February 2019

Lib Dem deputy leader offers olive branch to new Indpendent Group of Labour and Tory splitters

Brexit will strengthen devolution, David Mundell claims

21 February 2019

The Secretary of State for Scotland will give a speech in Edinburgh to mark 20 years of devolution