Views sought on Scotland’s planning system

19 December 2017

The Local Government and Communities Committee wants to put the Planning (Scotland) Bill to the test

Theresa May to chair 'Brexit Cabinet' to discuss future trade

18 December 2017

European Council gave the green light last week to progress talks from the initial withdrawal discussions to a future trading relationship

Poverty is a crisis of government

18 December 2017

Editor's note: This is not governing for the people, it is throwing away their lives.

Christmas Getting to Know You - Nicola Sturgeon

18 December 2017

Holyrood sits down with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to learn about the true meaning of Christmas

Diane Abbott: immigration numbers could remain much the same after Brexit

18 December 2017

Shadow Home Secretary said business, schools and the health service "need these eastern European migrants coming here"

SNP must offer more support to its candidates, warns Mhairi Black

17 December 2017

In an exclusive interview with Holyrood, Mhairi Black says the SNP needs “a kick up the backside” to make the party realise the need to offer greater support to its MPs

Sketch: The trials of David Davis

15 December 2017

In a year of confusion and division, it's hard to escape the feeling that 2017 was the year of Farage

Scottish income tax: the time has come

15 December 2017

Analysis: Derek Mackay’s 2018/19 draft budget marks a new era for the Scottish Parliament as it finally faces up to its tax powers

Campaigners urge ministers to ensure National Investment Bank boosts low carbon infrastructure

15 December 2017

Environmental campaigners welcomed plans for £340m in capital funding for the National Investment Bank, while urging ministers to ensure it helps develop Scotland’s low carbon...

David Cameron: Donald Trump's fake news tweets are dangerous

14 December 2017

Former Prime Minister David Cameron launches attack on Donald Trump for undermining western democracy