Scotland has poorest 4G mobile coverage in the UK, finds Ofcom

18 December 2018

Connected Nations report shows that mobile coverage continues to increase across UK, with almost all homes able to get good indoor 4G signal from at least one operator

‘Interim’ arrangement to be set up for oversight of railway policing in Scotland

18 December 2018

Justice secretary Humza Yousaf has asked the SPA and BTPA to explore how to give the SPA more scrutiny of railway policing

MPs warn of "degrading conditions" for vulnerable asylum seekers

17 December 2018

Home Office preparing to hand out £4bn-worth of contracts next year to replace the current regime for housing people seeking refugee status

Time to take back control of our language

17 December 2018

Former Improvement Service chief Colin Mair on the "sovereignty" red herring and other misuses of language around Brexit

It's time for Theresa May and her sorry government to go

16 December 2018

Theresa May said she wanted to take back control and yet is incapable of doing just that within her own party

Analysis: This is the beginning of the end for Theresa May

14 December 2018

This week we have witnessed one of the most brutal, punishing, unedifying spectacles in recent British political history

Sketch: Brexit, plots and the great mace heist

14 December 2018

What a cack-handed attempt to seize the mace in parliament tells us about the state of the UK

NHS funding increase ‘will not meet demand’ warn doctors

13 December 2018

Derek Mackay pledged a £730m health spending rise in the Scottish budget, but the BMA warns it will not be enough