Digital sector generates joint highest number of FDI projects, finds EY

5 June 2019

With 16 FDI projects based in the digital sector north of the border, EY rated Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen in the top ten UK cities outside of London for attracting investment

Donald Trump attempts to backtrack after saying NHS ‘on the table’ in post-Brexit trade deal

5 June 2019

US President Donald Trump tells Good Morning Britain the exact opposite of what he had said in an earlier press conference on the NHS being part of trade deals

One in ten Scots with jobs miss paying gas or electricity bills due to lack of money

4 June 2019

Evidence from Citizens Advice Scotland and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations has found increasing problems with fuel poverty

Top Scottish Government civil servant leaves to head Carnegie UK Trust

4 June 2019

Sarah Davidson, director-general for organisational development and operations, to leave government for charity role

Scottish colleges' funding gap widening

4 June 2019

A new Audit Scotland report reveals the gap between colleges’ income and expenditure is increasing and is forecast to continue

One third drop in violent crime in Scotland driven by Glasgow

4 June 2019

Serious assault and attempted murder cases fell by 35 per cent in the ten years between 2008-09 and 2017-18, with 89 per cent of the drop in the west of Scotland

Matt Hancock criticised for devaluing WHO medicines access agreement

4 June 2019

UK Government reluctance to sign international agreement on cheaper medicines branded “shameful” by former Scottish MEP Catherine Stihler


The Women's World Cup is a beacon of hope in a sport that lost its way

3 June 2019

The Scotland national team is off to France, and regardless of how they gets on, that’s something to celebrate

Donald Trump urges UK to involve Nigel Farage in Brexit negotiations

3 June 2019

The US president said the next prime minister should refuse to pay the £39bn divorce bill if the EU does not give in to UK demands

Michael Gove prepared to delay Brexit until late 2020 to avoid leaving without a deal

3 June 2019

Environment Secretary told fellow Cabinet members that leaving without an agreement could trigger a general election

Scottish Labour desperately needs a reboot

2 June 2019

Mandy Rhodes on the state of Scottish Labour after the party fell to fifth in the European elections

An alternative Tory leadership contest

31 May 2019

Sketch: You would learn more from putting the 11 candidates in an Escape Room and filming it than from a TV debate

20mph speed limit proposal rejected by rural committee

31 May 2019

Mark Ruskell's Safer Streets bill rejected by rural economy committee after Wales adopts 20mph standard