Practical measures to heal the NHS in Scotland

28 December 2018

Doctors, Charge Nurses and patients can lead change in NHS Scotland, according to Dr John Wilson, Consultant Gastroenterologist at NHS Fife

Green MSP to publish consultation on fox hunting ban

26 December 2018

Alison Johnstone warned “the so-called ban has failed and urgent action is needed to close the loopholes that allow foxes to be chased and even killed by hunts”

Carnoustie Open generated £120m for the Scottish economy, study finds

23 December 2018

The golf comptetition attracted a record 172,000 fans, with nearly half from outside Scotland

Theresa May is blackmailing the UK with the threat of a no-deal Brexit

23 December 2018

Mandy Rhodes on MPs spending hours debating whether or not Jeremy Corbyn had called Theresa May a ‘stupid woman’

Five health boards requiring government intervention, MSPs told

21 December 2018

NHS Scotland chief Paul Gray confirms five health boards are operating below expected standards and require support

Politicians at Christmas: Patrick Harvie

21 December 2018

Patrick Harvie tells Gemma Fraser he is looking forward to spending time with his family and curling up at home during the Christmas break

Environmental groups question delay in beaver protection

21 December 2018

Groups warn “the clock has run out” and that “without this protection, beavers are subject to unregulated culling, which can take place anytime, anywhere”

Politicians at Christmas: Willie Rennie

20 December 2018

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader tells Tom Freeman he is looking forward to a proper break

Government insists childcare roll-out is "on track"

20 December 2018

Opposition MSPs remain sceptical about the Scottish Government's ability to deliver on childcare pledge