Justice Committee seeks views on pre-recorded evidence for vulnerable witnesses

4 July 2018

The Scottish Government’s Vulnerable Witnesses Bill proposes greater use of pre-recorded evidence from children and other vulnerable witnesses

Holyrood committee to review effectiveness of dog control law

3 July 2018

The Public Audit and Post-Legislative Scrutiny Committee is seeking feedback on the Control of Dogs Act

Environment committee calls for views on future of green funding

3 July 2018

In January MSPs warned that year-on-year cuts to environmental spending have led to green indicators “declining or at best flat-lining”

Banks have failed to engage with communities over branch closures, MSPs warn

3 July 2018

The Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee found that branch closures were hitting the most vulnerable, with MSPs warning that alternative options to face-to-face banking have not been adequate

Glasgow's arms fair reflection was needed

3 July 2018

Glasgow City Council's actions around a recent arms fair reveal a need to ask ourselves if we're part of the problem or part of the solution as the world becomes more unstable

Brexit means Theresa May

3 July 2018

Faced with criticism over a lack of detail, Theresa May has expanded on her plans to announce that 'Brexit means Brexit means Brexit'

Breaking the silence: Looking back at the Bosnian war

2 July 2018

The scale of inhumanity inflicted during the Bosnian War in the 1990s is overwhelming but one woman who works in the Scottish Parliament is a reminder of the human cost of conflict

MPs should be more transparent about second jobs, Commons watchdog warns

2 July 2018

Lord Bew, who chairs the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said candidates should lay out any intention to take up outside posts when running for election