Scotland to join major European study into responses to domestic abuse

5 November 2018

Researchers from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research will collaborate with academics from across Europe

Austerity, by any other name...

5 November 2018

To deliver on the promise of his boss to end austerity, Philip Hammond had to gamble on how the word is defined

Associate feature: We need to plug the data skills gap

5 November 2018

Dr George Baxter, Chief Executive Officer of Edinburgh Innovations, on the University of Edinburgh's role in driving the data revolution

There's an idiocy about current political exchange that crowds out rational thinking

4 November 2018

In Scotland, we have seen how binary debate has become, where any argument can be reconfigured into how you voted in the independence referendum

Bodies of murder victims could be released more quickly following Crown Office effort to reduce post-mortems

2 November 2018

A new procedure has been agreed to reduce the number of unecessary post-mortems conducted in cases of suspicious deaths

Scottish universities launch research programme on marine environment and climate change

2 November 2018

A group of universities have established the Blue Carbon Forum to measure the ability of Scotland’s marine environment to store carbon dioxide

Sketch: MSPs grapple with the world of technology

2 November 2018

The fact everyone agreed with each other was not enough to stop MSPs from debating the concept of digital inclusion

Scottish Tories urge Home Office to allow asylum seekers to work

2 November 2018

Campaigners have urged the Home Office to change policy and allow those with a claim which has not been resolved within six months to look for employment

Edinburgh tops list of ‘healthiest high streets’ in UK

2 November 2018

Royal Society for Public Health calls for more support for local independent businesses and recognition for the social benefits of pubs

Dominic Raab in 'quickest U-turn in history' over Brexit deal date

1 November 2018

Brexit department forced to retract a letter to committee from Dominic Raab which said a deal with the EU could be struck in three weeks' time

'Too early to make an assessment' on progress made on climate change plan, says Roseanna Cunningham

1 November 2018

With the climate change plan released less than a year ago, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment warned it was too early to make a judgement on the progress made in its implementation

Tory MSP Annie Wells to be suspended from Scottish Parliament after breaching code of conduct

1 November 2018

Annie Wells’ suspension comes a month after another Tory MSP, Alexander Burnett, was found to have breached the Scottish Parliament code of conduct for a second time

Eleven teachers sent home from special school after refusing to teach eight pupils

1 November 2018

John Swinney set to meet NASWUT representatives over unprecedented refusal to teach children with additional support needs