Law Society of Scotland raises concerns that UK Government broadband commitment is not universal

23 October 2017

In its response to a UK Government consultation on broadband coverage, the Law Society of Scotland said lack of internet connectivity could affect access to justice

We are all #metoo

21 October 2017

Women live with a subconscious dread of being raped and that that fear is on a spectrum.


Obesity causes cancer

20 October 2017

Associate feature: There is a lack of awareness about the impact obesity has on your chances of getting cancer

Q&A with Hannah Bardell

20 October 2017

The MP for Livingston on halting the deportation of a constituent and taking on the government

Q&A with Drew Hendry

19 October 2017

The MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey on unfair delivery charges, commuting and...

Bernie Sanders congratulates Scotland for banning fracking

19 October 2017

The US senator described the Scottish Government’s decision as a “significant step” and warned that fracking represented a danger to air quality and water supplies.