Post-Brexit registration system for EU citizens risks repeat of Windrush scandal, ministers warned

21 January 2019

Millions of EU citizens who currently live in the UK will have until June 2021 to apply for "settled status" under a scheme set to fully open when Britain leaves the EU

The birth of a parliament

21 January 2019

In the year that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament, former first minister Henry McLeish tells Gemma Fraser how it all began

UK must take action to stop oceans being treated "like a sewer", MPs warn

18 January 2019

In a new report, the Environmental Audit Committee urged UK ministers to clampdown on exports of highly-polluting plastic waste

House of Commons speaker 'could be denied peerage'

18 January 2019

It has been claimed Bercow has angered the government over a serious of contentious decisions over parliamentary procedure

The UK's past means disputes over its museum contents are inevitable

18 January 2019

A fresh row has emerged between the Egyptian Government’s Antiquities Repatriation Department and the Museum of Scotland, over a casing stone from the Great Pyramid of Giza

Cancer strategy progress 'held back by staffing issues'

18 January 2019

Cross party group of MSPs report staff shortages are undermining the Scottish government’s £100m cancer strategy

Glasgow City Council reaches settlement in equal pay dispute

17 January 2019

A £500m payout has been agreed in principle between council leader Susan Aitken and trade unions and lawyers representing council workers

MPs reject motion of no confidence in the UK Government

17 January 2019

Backbench Conservatives and the DUP rally round the Prime Minister a day after inflicting a historic defeat on her Brexit deal

EIS claims ‘strong support’ for striking college lecturers

17 January 2019

College lecturers conduct first in four planned strike days in what is their third industrial action in four years

How hostile environment immigration policy reaches into every area of UK society

17 January 2019

Increasing numbers of professionals – from lecturers to social workers to midwives – are finding themselves thrust into the unwanted role of border guards

Former MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh fined £3,000 for professional misconduct

16 January 2019

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh served a fine for misconduct at a law firm she was at before she was elected, but actions were not intentionally dishonest