Registers of Scotland (RoS)

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is the non-ministerial government department responsible for compiling and maintaining 18 public registers. These relate to land, property, and other legal documents. The main registers are the deeds-based General Register of Sasines, the world’s oldest national land register, and the map-based Land Register of Scotland. 

Information held on the digitised, publicly accessible Land Register is secure and reliable. The majority of titles on this register are protected by a state-backed guarantee and future transactions through the Land Register will be cheaper, faster and easier for all property owners. 

RoS is working towards completing the land register to create a full and clear picture of who owns what and where across Scotland by 2024. 


Contact name
Sheenagh Adams
Contact job title
The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland
Meadowbank House
153 London Road
United Kingdom