The Law Society of Scotland

For over 60 years, the Law Society of Scotland has acted as the professional body for Scottish solicitors. Our interaction with our 11,000+ members and with the public gives us a unique perspective, not just on legal matters but on many of the wider issues facing Scotland.

We set high standards for Scottish solicitors to follow and work with others as part of the system of co-regulation of Scotland’s legal profession, but our public interest role goes far wider.

We are passionate about improving public legal education, maintaining access for those who depend on Scotland’s justice system and enabling the brightest students to pursue a career in the legal profession, whatever their background.

We also care about the creation of good law which is why we actively engage in the legislative and public policy decision making processes

If you have any queries from constituents, would like to discuss any area of Scots Law or current legislation, or need help finding a solicitor please get in touch.


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