John McDonnell pledges to bring all PFI contracts back into public sector

Written by Liam Kirkaldy and Kevin Schofield on 26 September 2017 in News

Speaking at the Labour conference, McDonnell said he wanted to end the “scandal” of private firms making huge profits on the back of deals to build hospitals and schools

Baroness Nosheena Mobarik to replace Ian Duncan as Scottish Tory MEP

Written by Mark McLaughlin on 6 September 2017 in News

The SNP accuses Conservatives of “making a mockery of democracy” by appointing previously rejected peer to the European Parliament

Anas Sarwar enters race for Scottish Labour leadership

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 4 September 2017 in News

Anas Sarwar outlines vision for a “united Labour Party in Holyrood that is fighting the SNP and ready to form Scotland’s next government”

Richard Leonard enters race for Scottish Labour leadership

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 4 September 2017 in News

Leonard announces his bid with a call for a more “audacious” approach to challenging the SNP

Alex Salmond would have tried to join forces with Labour to stop snap general election

Written by Staff reporter on 28 August 2017 in News

EXCLUSIVE - Former FM tells Holyrood: “There’s absolutely nothing in Theresa May’s nature that could have suggested she was going to steer her airplane into the sea for no apparent reason"

Pro-Brexit Labour MPs hit out at single market stance

Written by Josh May on 28 August 2017 in News

Keir Starmer called for customs union and single market membership to continue for the transition phase after Brexit

Amnesty International calls for Douglas Ross to apologise over gypsy remarks

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 24 August 2017 in News

SNP MSP Christina McKelvie describes the Tory MP's comments as “disgraceful”, saying they “shed further light on the true character of Ruth Davidson’s party”

Private schools hit back over business rates proposal

Written by Tom Freeman on 23 August 2017 in News

Barclay review reopens debate over charitable status of independent schools

Scottish and Welsh governments agree to coordinate amendments to UK repeal bill

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 22 August 2017 in News

Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones describe the UK repeal bill as “an unashamed move to centralise decision making power in Westminster”

Up to 1.8 million Scottish votes "wasted" in general election, says Electoral Reform Society

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 21 August 2017 in News

Electoral Reform Society describes 2017 general election as “more like a lottery than a real choice”, with 22 million votes “wasted” across the UK