Edinburgh councillors reach coalition deal

Written by Jenni Davidson on 16 June 2017 in News

The SNP and Labour have agreed to a deal to run services in the capital

Edinburgh City Chambers - Image credit: Byronv2 via Flickr

The SNP and Labour have agreed a coalition deal to run the City of Edinburgh Council

SNP group leader Councillor Adam McVey and Labour group leader Cammy Day will sign a coalition agreement today.

It will focus on several key areas, including the construction of 20,000 affordable new homes, investment in transport infrastructure, improving waste services and roads maintenance and the delivery of a City Region Deal.

It will also commit to building two new secondary schools and 10 new primaries by 2021.


Edinburgh was the last council in Scotland where the control of the council had not been announced, with the decision delayed until after the general election.

The council was also an SNP and Labour coalition before May’s local government election, although the SNP has now become the biggest party, with Labour dropping from being the largest party into into third place, behind the Conservatives.

Adam McVey said: “I am pleased that we have been able to reach this agreement, which will provide stable leadership for the council moving forward.

“This administration will implement a progressive policy agenda which will have as our top priority the improvement of our core public services and dealing with the key issues that face the people of our capital.

 “As the city’s youngest ever council leader, I’m keen to bring a new vision to our exciting and vibrant capital.

The SNP and Labour teams are ready to get to work for the city bringing an energetic, determined approach to address Edinburgh’s needs.”

 Cammy Day added: “Labour and the SNP can offer the strong partnership required to lead the council, and we look forward to working together and putting Edinburgh first. 

 “Our vision has always been to progress projects and policies which benefit the citizens of Edinburgh and we will continue this throughout our term of office, working with our trade union colleagues and devolving decision-making to local communities as far as possible.

“I call on the Greens to join and support our vision of how we can unleash our city’s potential.”

Committee conveners will be appointed at a meeting of the council on 22 June.


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