Intelligence services call for power to tag people on terror watch lists

Written by Emilio Casalicchio on 5 June 2017 in News

Demand is part of a list of requests sent to the Prime Minister by senior figures from MI5

Intelligence services want Theresa May to allow them to tag people on terror watch lists as part of a crackdown on radicalisation, it has emerged.

The demand is part of a list of requests sent to the Prime Minister by senior figures from MI5 who want increased powers to deal with threats, according to reports in The Sun.

Among the demands are a ban on suspected terrorists buying unregistered SIM cards and immediately renting vehicles.


It comes after three jihadis launched a terror rampage in London Bridge on Saturday, killing seven and injuring 58 as they mowed pedestrians down with a van and stabbed pub-goers.

It is the third atrocity in the UK this year after the Westminster attack in March and the Manchester blast two weeks ago.

Theresa May yesterday signalled a major crackdown on extremism in the wake of the latest attack, saying “enough is enough”.

She vowed to clamp down on online extremism and review the Government's counter-terrorism strategy in response to a "new trend" of copycat terror attacks.

And she called for more action across government and society to tackle Islamist ideology.

Security bosses also want a crackdown on Twitter and greater resources for the anti-terror hotline.

A security source told The Sun: “The measures being drafted will not be to the liking of civil liberties groups.

“But this crude attack has led to a rethink of how the security services monitor and track people plotting to do us harm.

“They want these measures – but it will be up to whichever party wins power on Thursday to decide whether they are implemented.”


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