Scottish child abuse inquiry hearings begin

Written by Tom Freeman on 31 May 2017 in News

Scottish child abuse inquiry gets underway in Edinburgh later today

Lady Smith - Scottish Government

The first hearings in Scottish child abuse inquiry are to get underway in Edinburgh today.

The inquiry, chaired by Lady Smith, will look into allegations of historical abuse of children in residential care, including in schools and religious institutions.

Organisations will be joined by survivor groups in giving evidence to the inquiry.



The inquiry has been plagued with problems, including the resignation of all original panel members including chair Susan O'Brien QC. 

Survivor groups have expressed a lack of confidence in the process.

When she was appointed Lady Smith said: "We are determined to find out what happened, where, how and why, what was the conduct and what were the failings of institutions and others entrusted with the care and protection of children."



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