Forthcoming Holyrood Events

Infection Control

Infection Prevention & Control 2017

28 March 2017
This 6th Annual conference will bring together health experts to discuss effective control measures from the people at the cutting edge of infection control. We will take a look at the...
Sexting event

Screen Time: Tackling the sexualisation of children and young people

28 March 2017
​Chaired by Tam Baillie, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, this event will cosider the steps required to tackle the sexualisation of children and young people. Context...
Cowering girl

Child Protection 2017

29 March 2017
Next steps for safeguarding Scotland’s vulnerable children. Event Scotland’s children’s services have undergone periods of review and assessment for a number of years. In February 2016, the...

Scottish Politics Explained 2017

29 March 2017
Never has the political landscape moved so quickly or events been so hard to predict. But if your organisation requires collective knowledge of how government works, what politicians do, how civil...
Effective Charity Management in Scotland

Effective Charity Management in Scotland: Regulation, Governance and the Law

20 April 2017
This briefing will consider the latest developments in charity regulation and what charities must do to comply with regulatory duties. Context Last year marked the 10 year anniversary Scottish...
health and safety larger

Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

25 April 2017
The new Scottish Plan for Action on Safety & Health provides a clear focus for the Partnership on Health & Safety in Scotland, chaired by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A key member...
Student with book

Widening Access to Taught Postgraduate Study

25 April 2017
Over a year after the publication of the Taught Postgraduate Review Working Group final report, this event will consider progress so far and what more can be done to improve access to and uptake of...
Community Assets Main

Making the Community Asset Transfer Process Work

25 April 2017
This briefing will consider the latest developments and good practice in the community asset transfer process. Context In January 2017, the asset transfer section of the Community...
Skills, adult education, lifelong learning

The Learner Journey: Aligning Learning, Skills and Career Development

26 April 2017
This briefing will consider the latest developments and good practice in the Learner Journey and how to meet the skill demand required by Scotland's economy.   Context The...
Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Knowing Your Networks: Strategies for Social Media Success

26 April 2017
The world of social media and digital marketing is fast-paced and constantly evolving. It is vital to keep pace with the latest technology innovations in order to take advantage of the ...

Crisis Communications Scotland

27 April 2017
New year, new threats. A crisis can hit your organisation at any time. Whether this is natural or man-made, challenging circumstances are never far away. From the risks associated with big data...

The National Health and Social Care Standards in Scotland

2 May 2017
Scotland’s new Health and Social Care Standards will set out what we should all expect when using any part of the care system. Written from the perspective of someone experiencing care, the Standards...

Supporting LGBT People in the Workplace

4 May 2017
Scotland is one of the most LGBT friendly nations in Europe. It was the first country in the UK to consult on introducing same-sex marriage and was the first country to host a Transgender and...
The Future of Housing Support in Scotland

The Future of Housing Support in Scotland

17 May 2017
This briefing will examine the latest developments and good practice in helping vulnerable people live as independently as possible in their communities. Context There have been warnings that...

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

25 May 2017
The Scottish Government's Equally Safe strategy, refreshed in 2016, sets out a vision for tackling all forms of violence against women and girls. The strategy argues in favour of "a relentless...
Dad comforting daughter

Enhancing Parental Capacity: taking action to support Scotland’s families

30 May 2017
This event will explore how practitioners can assess parental capacity and share how we can help develop parenting skills to support vulnerable families and ensure all children have the best start in...
Holyrood Training

Outcome Based Policy Making

31 May 2017
This course helps individuals working in policy environments to consider current practice, benchmark performance, and identify gaps in knowledge, skill and behaviour. From this we can then develop...

Universities and Business: Strengthening the Partnership

31 May 2017
Scotland generates the most university- based research within the UK as a whole, demonstrating the strength of the university sector. However, the NCUB’s final Task Force report published in 2016,...
co-production small

Next Steps for Co-production: Improving Services Together

31 May 2017
This briefing will examine the latest policy developments and good practice in delivering more inclusive, sustainable and effective services. Context Co-production is the process of utilising...

Supporting Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

1 June 2017
Digital transformation and increasing diversity within the modern workplace are themes affecting all sectors in Scotland, whilst the challenges of creating and keeping a healthy workforce depend on...