Public Sector Data Protection: Remaining Compliant Post GDPR Deadline

Holyrood’s Future of Data Protection Conference, supported by the ICO, provides the Scottish Public Sector a vital opportunity to continue to build a clear strategic understanding of their data protection responsibilities, how to integrate data protection into the business to remain compliant and how to utilise the benefits of latest industry solutions that ensure data is kept safe and secure.

Our event format has been updated, the sessions are now co-designed with our speakers and delegates to ensure we cover the most relevant topics. The day is made up of sessions where we will challenge our delegates to get involved, to pose questions, share ideas and learn from colleagues facing similar challenges. Attendance gives delegates the chance to develop your strategic planning to consider how you can remain compliant whilst also leveraging the benefits of effective use and sharing of public data.

For more information, please visit the conference website

24 October 2018
Edinburgh Edinburgh
United Kingdom



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