Digital Health & Care: Interoperability of Emerging Technology

The drive towards digital transformation of health and care services in Scotland is already leading to system wide service redesign, led by digital experts across the country armed with the final version of the Digital Health and Social Care Strategy, plans are in place to target projects that are successful on a local basis to be scaled up nationally at speed.

To support this constantly developing agenda, we're pleased to be holding three Digital Health & Care Events over the next 12 months. Two focused on specific key topics, Interoperability and Data Led Service Redesign, the final event of the series is our well known Digital Health & Care Conference & Awards.

Next in the Series: 

18th September 2018 - Digital Health & Care: Interoperability of Emerging Technology

How can improved interoperability of emerging technology support Health and Social Care providers improve services and outcomes for the public? 

What are the major challenges that affect the ability of the disparate IT systems and software applications in use in health and care to communicate, exchange and interpret data, and otherwise work efficiently together?

With the massive increase in the use of wearables, mobile apps and the data this generates, what progress is being made with integrating this into existing service user’s records? Improved interoperability would allow the integration of health and social care records, greater ease of use for clinicians and reduced admin.

This is about getting the systems to talk to each other, to capture information from emerging technology along with traditional methods, to share relevant information across departments and organisations that improves outcomes. 


For more information please visit the Digital Health and Care website.

18 September 2018
Dynamic Earth Edinburgh
United Kingdom



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