Connect 2019

Scotland’s refreshed digital strategy commits to designing and delivering ‘digital public services around the needs of users’. But how can we close the gap between policy, service design and delivery to unlock the transformational benefits digital affords?

Holyrood’s 8th Annual Connect conference, Scotland’s premier Public Sector ICT conference, brings together professionals from across Scotland and beyond to examine the latest developments, practice and innovation. 

Please visit the conference website for more information. 

Speaker callout

We are committed to bringing the latest policy information with engaging dialogue and practical case studies to make a real impact in the public sector. If you are a knowledge expert in your field or have an inspiring case study which would make an impact to Public Sector organisations, we would love to hear from you. Please email with your name and contact details, linkedin profile and a summary of your project or area or expertise and we will be in touch.

6 June 2019
United Kingdom

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