Katie Cotton


1 July 2014

A round-up of people, deals and events


Zero Waste Scotland - CelluComp uses agricultural waste used to produce Curran

Scotland's internationally leading role on the circular economy

23 February 2017

Associate feature: Zero Waste Scotland chief executive Iain Gulland talks about Scotland's collaborative work on the circular economy

Supermarket choices - Holyrood

Scotland's obesity strategy - a heavy burden

20 February 2017

After the UK approach was watered down, can Scotland’s obesity strategy be more ambitious?

Colin Mair, chief executive of Improvement Service

Colin Mair: measuring progress on inequality

26 January 2017

Improvement Service chief executive Colin Mair on whether progress being made in reducing inequality


Martin Dorchester - credit Calmac

Interview: Still waters for Calmac

23 January 2017

Associate Feature: Martin Dorchester on keeping CalMac on course for success


CodeClan staff - CodeClan

Tech 100: 'Digital doesn’t go away... Every company needs people to do this stuff now'

5 December 2016

Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, reflects on its next steps after marking its one-year anniversary

James Dornan MSP

James Dornan: Education committee will put concerns on the coalface to quangos

12 October 2016

Interview: the Education and Skills Committee convener on its prominence over the next five years