1 July 2014

A round-up of people, deals and events


Event report: Brexit or not, we will still have the GDPR

21 April 2017

A Holyrood and OpenText data event looked at the implications of GDPR for the public sector

Event report: those who can, teach STEM

7 April 2017

Attracting the right people into science and technology teaching was a topic for discussion at this year's Holyrood STEM Scotland 2017 conference

Applying the apprenticeship levy in Scotland

29 March 2017

With the UK Government's apprenticeship levy coming into force in April, Holyrood looks at how will it be used


Interview: Still waters for Calmac

23 January 2017

Associate Feature: Martin Dorchester on keeping CalMac on course for success


Tech 100: 'Digital doesn’t go away... Every company needs people to do this stuff now'

5 December 2016

Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, reflects on its next steps after marking its one-year anniversary

James Dornan: Education committee will put concerns on the coalface to quangos

12 October 2016

Interview: the Education and Skills Committee convener on its prominence over the next five years