Think of the children

Written by on 28 August 2014

The power of film

Both sides of the referendum debate have aired their campaign adverts, and both make an impassioned plea to think of the children. What would the Mad Men make of them?

Talking point: Falling out

Written by on 20 August 2014

When I took on the health portfolio in September, I was surprised by how much cross-party agreement there was in health beyond the shouting of the debating chamber. As the Health and Sport Committee took evidence from what seemed like every professional and third sector body in the land, it felt very much as if our politicians, when it came to the parliament’s biggest budget, shared the same priorities.

Artistic licence

Written by on 11 August 2014

Kate Shannon on the Big Noise project

Another Trident debate

Written by on 7 August 2014

By far one of the most emotive arguments put forward for independence is the possibility of being able to rid Scotland of its very own “weapons of mass destruction”.

Talking point: Two steps back

Written by on 5 August 2014

It is a sobering thought that all groundbreaking legislation, no matter how many people may have demonstrated or marched in support of it, can be repealed.
Technically, long-awaited reforms such as the smoking ban, equal marriage, even the establishment of the Scottish Parliament could be scrapped if someone could muster the necessary votes to get it through parliament.
However unlikely these reversals may seem, on the subject of climate change, Australia is a reminder that it can be done.

Secret agreement to rule the waves

Written by on 30 July 2014

Barack Obama announced to congress the 1958 UK-US Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA) had been updated for the next 10 years. The UK, according to the President, “intends to continue to maintain viable nuclear forces into the foreseeable future.”

He pledged America would continue to help Britain maintain “a credible nuclear deterrent”.

Good of Obama to let us know, because meanwhile David Cameron hasn’t even bothered to tell Parliament, let alone the public.

An academic question

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 29 July 2014

With the referendum just weeks away the future of research funding for Scotland’s universities has become yet another area of dispute between the two campaigns.

On the face of it, leaving the UK funding framework would be a serious problem for Scottish universities.

Figures from a UK Government study show that in 2012-13, Scottish universities won £257m in UK research council grants (excluding research council institutes and infrastructure).

Letting the numbers speak for themselves

Written by on 25 July 2014

In the bid for cleaner, greener energy, the renewables industry often seems like it is fighting an uphill battle.

While it is an industry that has built up from a fringe concern to a major employer in the last decade or so, it still suffers from an image problem.

Another revolving door

Written by Neil Evans on 15 July 2014

During the 2010 election campaign I interviewed David Cameron as he toured the country in one of his last appeals for Scottish votes.

Wee fish, big pond

Written by Tom Freeman on 10 July 2014

Israel says militants have fired more than 365 rockets from Gaza since Tuesday and it has attacked about 780 targets over the same time. Yesterday the Scottish Government responded by writing to Foreign Secretary William Hague expressing their concern.