Trade unions back Perm Sec’s handling of Alex Salmond complaints

Written by Tom Freeman on 29 August 2018 in News

PCS, Prospect and FDA unions defend complaints procedure they agreed upon last December

PCS strike - PA

Trade unions who represent public servants have said they support Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans in her handling of complaints made about the former First Minister Alex Salmond.

Two people made allegations of sexual harassment about Salmond in January relating to alleged incidents in 2013. The  former SNP leader has denied ever sexually harassing anyone and has begun legal proceedings over the Scottish Government’s handling of the complaints.

He is seeking a judicial review at the court of session in Edinburgh of a new complaints procedure introduced in December.

In a statement released after meeting with Evans, the PCS, Prospect and the FDA unions said:: “Civil service unions met with the Permanent Secretary today and have confidence that the Scottish Government will continue to take seriously and handle sensitively all complaints of harassment.

“The unions are confident that the Scottish Government processes which we negotiated are valid and robust and if any member wishes to make a complaint then they will receive the full support of their trade union.

“We also indicated our full support to the Permanent Secretary personally in leading the process and would encourage any worker with any concerns to come forward.”

Salmond has claimed someone within the civil service breached confidentiality by leaking the complaints to the Daily Record newspaper.

He also said he had been given no opportunity to “see and therefore to properly challenge the case against me" and that he had "not been allowed to see the evidence”.

The Scottish Government said it will “defend our position vigourously”.



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