Jeremy Corbyn: Labour government would 'bring people together'

Written by Peter Urpeth on 3 March 2019 in News

Scottish Labour pledges to use its annual conference to “lay the foundations for a radical Labour government that unites our communities rather than dividing them”

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Scottish Labour is pledging to use its annual conference to “lay the foundations for a radical Labour government that unites our communities rather than dividing them”, and to continue to develop “radical, anti-austerity policies that deliver the investment Scotland needs to be a better and more equal country”.

Highlighting Labour’s commitment to a £70 billion, ten-year spending programme in Scotland if the party wins the next general election, Jeremy Corbyn promised Labour would “invest in our people, our communities, our public services and our industries”.

Speaking ahead of the conference, which opens in Dundee on Friday, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: “As leader of Scottish Labour I have stood shoulder to shoulder with trade union members battling for their jobs, for fair pay and workplace rights – from the EIS dispute and BIFAB, to railway workers and RBS staff.

“We have pressed for a Scottish budget that prioritises real change, making the case for tackling child poverty and rising inequality and for an end to austerity through investment not cuts in local services.

“Scottish Labour continues to lead campaigns against period poverty, for fairer public transport fares and for public ownership.

“We are laying the foundations for a radical Scottish Labour government and building a campaigning party that will help us achieve that.

“In the twentieth anniversary year of the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, the gap between the aspiration for a better and more equal country and the daily reality for too many people in Scotland remains too wide. It is our job to right that wrong.”

Labour’s UK leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is expected to use his speech to emphasise a Labour commitment to a £70 billion, ten-year investment programme in Scotland, should the party win the next general election.

Corbyn said: “Scotland and the whole of the UK need a radical and transformative Labour government. A Labour government that will create high skilled and well-paid jobs, strengthen our trade unions and workers’ rights, and end exploitative zero hours contracts.

“The real divide in our country is not between working class people who voted Remain or Leave in the EU referendum, or Yes or No for independence.

 “The real divide is between the many who do the work, create the wealth and pay taxes – and the few, who set the rules, reap the rewards and so often dodge their taxes.



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