Glasgow council leader Susan Aitken to sit on university ruling body

Written by Tom Freeman on 4 July 2017 in News

The leader of Glasgow's new SNP administration will take the council's seat on the University of Glasgow's ruling body

New Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken will take a seat on the ruling body of the University of Glasgow, it has been announced.

The council nominates a representative to serve as Assessor on the University Court, a body which acts like a board of directors.

University of Glasgow principal Sir Anton Muscatelli said the appointment of the city’s new leader was a “clear demonstration” of the new SNP administration’s commitment to higher education.


“The City Council’s representative on the University Court has always played a valued role – but for someone of councillor Aitken’s seniority to be appointed is very welcome and reflects the crucial role the University of Glasgow can play in the city’s public life as a world-leading research institution.

“Glasgow’s higher education institutions play a vital social and economic role in the city – and this nomination is a clear demonstration of the new City Government’s clear commitment to the sector, building on the already very positive relationship between the City and the University.

“On issues from reforming economic leadership in Glasgow, widening access to higher education and ensuring academic expertise informs public policy, the university and the council have many shared priorities – and I look forward to welcoming councillor Aitken on to the University Court.”

Aitken said: “Glasgow’s further and higher education sector is the envy of comparable cities across the UK and internationally – and the City Government I lead is determined that our colleges and universities will be at the forefront of the city’s success in the coming years.

 “I look forward to serving on the Court of the University of Glasgow as one of the world’s leading universities and to working with Sir Anton and his colleagues over the coming years.”

The Court has 25 members and meets in full session five times a year, under recent reform of university governance students and staff will have more say over who takes senior roles.


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