Climate change putting Scotland’s most iconic species at risk, report warns

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 3 January 2019 in News

Rising global temperatures could threaten Machair, Atlantic salmon, white beaked dolphin, capercaillie and golden plover

Dolphins - by Halans

Climate change is putting the future of some of Scotland’s most iconic species and habitats at risk, a new joint report by WWF Scotland and Scottish Environment LINK has warned.

Highlighting the threat to biodiversity and eco-systems, the report, ‘Scotland’s Nature on Red Alert: Climate change impacts on Scottish biodiversity’, found that rising global temperatures could threaten Machair, Atlantic salmon, white beaked dolphin, capercaillie and golden plover.

While warming seas could put the futures of Atlantic salmon and the white beaked dolphin in jeopardy, diminishing mountain snow could pose a threat to the Snow Bunting, a species already listed on the UK’s ‘birds of conservation concern’.

The report warns that even small increases in temperature will threaten many of Scotland’s most iconic plants and animals, while also affecting species needed for food and pollination.

Craig Macadam, Scottish Environment LINK vice-chair said: “From peatlands to pearl mussels, Scotland is home to many globally significant species and habitats. With these wildlife treasures comes an international responsibility to protect them for future generations.

"We need to give our species and habitats a fighting chance to adapt to climate change. It is important that we restore the health of our nature and improve its resilience to climate change impacts. We therefore need to set ambitious targets within the Climate Change Bill, including ensuring that Scotland ends its contribution to climate change, and backs these up with action to secure the future of Scotland’s wildlife."



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