Holyrood Magazine issue 384 / 5 June 2017

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General Election 2017 Preview: including interview with Professor John Curtice, political scientist, and which seats to watch in Scotland. The Scottish Government’s climate change plan faces criticism.  And voices from the frontline of welfare reform.

3 Editor’s note

It’s no coincidence that the personal attacks on Corbyn from the media, political opponents and his own party have grown with his exponential rise in the polls


6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks


8 Talking Point

Politicians seem blind to blood sports


10 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content


11 Political Spotlight

People have been too quick to write off Jeremy Corbyn


13  General election 2017:  Seats to watch

A look at the key seats in the general election


19  Comment: Henry McLeish

Theresa May is seeking a mandate to damage the UK


20  Comment: John McTernan

UKIP-style voters were not absent in Scotland, they were just hiding in the SNP


21  Cover story:  Prof John Curtice

The man behind the maths talks exclusively to Mandy Rhodes


28  Feature: Draft climate change plan

The Scottish Government’s climate change plan raises questions over its priorities


33  Feature: Welfare reform

The UK Government’s welfare reforms are described as “a car crash” by those on the front line


36 Getting to Know You

Ruth Maguire shares her earliest memory and guiltiest pleasure


38 Comment

Care-experienced people have reason to be optimistic


39 Inbox

Childhood practitioners, smacking ban and the launch of the care review


40 Diary

Strong and stable, Scottish Labia and who has the soup pot?


41 On the Desk

Murdo Fraser shows off some souvenirs from his travels


42 Last Word

Sketch: Liam Kirkaldy travels to Perth for the launch of the SNP’s 2017 manifesto

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